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Scripps Oceanography
"The International Space Station ought to considered for the Nobel Peace Prize," for all the international cooperation, says Bolden
Scripps Oceanography
RT @Leinen4ocean: @Scripps_Ocean @UCSanDiego excited to award Maj Gen Charles Bolden the Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interes…
Scripps Oceanography
"From up there you don't see borders, you see one beautiful planet," says Charles Bolden, of being in space
Scripps Oceanography
Major General Charles Bolden takes the stage for the 2017 Nietenberg Prize Lecture http://pbs.twimg.com/media/DMYh_T-UMAAQwbp.jpg
UCSD Athletics
M🏌: Congrats to sophomore Adam Navigato for the huge win! 👏https://t.co/OkI5z7ACc8C#UCSanDiegoe#UCSDC#UCSDgolfo#Tritonso#GoTritonsons ⛳️
The Zone
TMRW we have 2 amazing programs for ya’ll: Body Comp 11-11:45 am & Biofeedback 2:30-3:30 pm! Learn about you, your… https://t.co/pQjW9Tibao
GPS UC San Diego
GPS Professor Richard Feinberg on the geopolitical advantages of Latin America partnership and Trump's response… https://t.co/OyKTiQ7Ggl
UC San Diego Library
Can germs be good for you? Join world-leader in #microbiome research Rob Knight & find out during his talk on 10/24… https://t.co/rHxhGxhNBr
UCSD Engineering
Attention #entrepreneurs: @UCSanDiego's #biomedical incubator is kickstarting its Medical Innovators Hall of Fame S… https://t.co/5kTvkpctU6
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